Mysterious invisible hard drive

Andreas Bauer baueran at
Tue May 21 03:37:48 EST 2002

> I'm having (another) weird problem.  I recently got a hand on a used
> 10Gig Hard-disk which has a win98 installation on it.  OK, so I plug it
> in.  During the start-up messages to Mandrake Linux it detects it as hdg
> so I know it's plugged in.  However *nothing* can seem to detect this
> hard-drive.  Bios - zilch.  I have a dual boot system.  I boot into
> Windows and it can't see it (in fact Windows won't even boot with it
> plugged in).  I use a Windows boot disk and the boot disk hangs. 
> Mandrake's disk partitioning tools can't see hdg.  I tried booting using
> the Mandrake installation CD to use the partitioning tool during the
> installation and then just exit out of the installation.  The result:
> the install CD hangs while booting up trying to detect this hdg disk. 
> And I know this disk is not broken because I saw the machine it was
> orginally in boot up to Windows 5 minutes before I removed the disk and
> put it in my machine. 

Not really a Linux related question, but anyway:  my humble assumption
is that you have not set the Jumpers on the back of your disk correctly.
Make sure one is a Master, the other a Slave (or adjust to Cable-Select,
if you must).

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