Mysterious invisible hard drive

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at
Tue May 21 02:45:23 EST 2002


I'm having (another) weird problem.  I recently got a hand on a used
10Gig Hard-disk which has a win98 installation on it.  OK, so I plug it
in.  During the start-up messages to Mandrake Linux it detects it as hdg
so I know it's plugged in.  However *nothing* can seem to detect this
hard-drive.  Bios - zilch.  I have a dual boot system.  I boot into
Windows and it can't see it (in fact Windows won't even boot with it
plugged in).  I use a Windows boot disk and the boot disk hangs. 
Mandrake's disk partitioning tools can't see hdg.  I tried booting using
the Mandrake installation CD to use the partitioning tool during the
installation and then just exit out of the installation.  The result:
the install CD hangs while booting up trying to detect this hdg disk. 
And I know this disk is not broken because I saw the machine it was
orginally in boot up to Windows 5 minutes before I removed the disk and
put it in my machine. 


Anyone have any ideas as to why nothing seems to be able to see this
disk and why both Windows and Linux boot disks seem to freeze when this
new drive is plugged in?


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