joining a w2k machine to a samba domain

Neil Muller neil at
Mon May 20 18:53:06 EST 2002

Probably, now samba 2.2.4 is out and,  from what I've seen, it has some 
sort of hook up to LDAP for the w2k active directory support, I would 
say anything that isn't referring to at least samba 2.2.x is going to 
give wrong information. In fact at the rate at which samba is developing 
you may be best served by getting the online docs and tracking the samba 
mailing lists for the most up to date info. The replies I got to my 
questions over the weekend all came from the samba mailing lists.


Simon Burton wrote:

>Thanks Neil this is just what I was looking for.
>Another question: have noticed some discount ($20)
>samba books (at the academic remainder bookshop),
>covering 2.0.x. Is it too old to be of much help?
>thanks again,
>Simon Burton
>On Sun, 19 May 2002 16:41:12 +1000
>Neil Muller <neil at> wrote:
>>Since there seems to be some dissatisfaction because the replies to my 
>>question came direct to my email and not through the list I thought I 
>>would summarise they way in which I solved the problem of adding a w2k 
>>workstation to a domain managed by a samba pdc.
>>(1) make sure your samba is up to date. I actually used samba 2.2.3a but 
>>am about to upgrade to 2.2.4
>>(2) read the docs on the site, in particular the combined 
>>howtos in pdf format
>>(3) set up and test your smb.conf using testparm. I actually did it in 3 
>>stages (the final stage was based on the help I received from the email 
>>replies to my original posting)
>>(4) stage 1: set up your initial smb.conf and make sure samba is working 
>>for your W9x environment
>>(5) stage 2:
>>    (a) configure your smb.conf as per the model supplied in the 
>>combined howtos mentioned above
>>    (b) create the machine trust account referred to in the docs. I did 
>>this manually but the docs also show how this can be done by samba 
>>itself which is the recommended approach
>>    (c) read the man pages for smb.conf several times and add in all the 
>>bits that you've missed above in particular add in settings in the 
>>global area of smb.conf for 'domain admin group = root' and 'domain 
>>admin users = root'
>>(6) stage 3:
>>        (a) check out
>>    (b)make root a samba user (yeah I now I was stupid not to have thought of this first but we can't all be perfect)
>>(7) login to your w2k box as administrator and add the box to your new 
>>(NT4) domain. When prompted for a domain user with permission to add the 
>>w2k machine enter your root userid and password. Reboot the w2k box when 
>>prompted and login to your samba domain in the usual way.
>>So now Simon no more whinging about no information OK?

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