netware to samba-win2k server change

Leigh Finch lfinch at
Mon May 20 16:22:10 EST 2002

I know thios is the completely wrong list to be writting on, but, we are migrating from netware to a samba and win2k server environment, anyway, we are trying to change the win2k clients from the netware client to the ms client, god knows why we cant just re-install, but anyway, they have lost the local admin password for an entire workgroup, I have tried l0phtcrack but that wont let me do it cause the sam file is protected by syskey, in other words, I have the sam file but no syskey floppy, I have tried chntpw but the only way I can use that is if i disable syskey, which I don't want to do.

anyone got any other ideas, does anyone know how much damage I would do if deleted the sam file completely? as none of the users are really required as it is being changed to roaming users.

once again I know this is the wrong list, but I just want a few ideas.

Leigh Finch
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