Corrupt HTML files

Jan-Yun Lou loujanyun at
Sat May 18 23:43:35 EST 2002


I've been experiencing some strange problems lately. 
Sometimes when I save a html document from the web
onto my hard-drive and then try to open it later all I
get is rubbish symbols.  Even the source is full of
rubbish symbols.  Yet when I am browsing the web from
the website the pages are on, it renders fine and the
source looks like, well normal HTML source.  The
browser I am using is Galeon but the files also look
like rubbish in Konqueror.  Something strange though,
is if I save the same page in Konqueror, Konqueror
saves the page fine (ie. when you open the local copy
later, it doesn't look like rubbish).  However
Skipstone and Mozilla also corrupt the page when they
save it.  I'm quite confused here.   I haven't really
noticed any common property the pages Galeon and
Skipstone and Mozilla corrupt have.    


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