Mozilla and Netscape

John Griffiths john at
Fri May 17 11:47:44 EST 2002

At 11:44 AM 5/17/02 +1000, Brett Worth wrote:
>Today I saw the announcement of a new version of Netscape.
>What's the relationship between Mozilla and Netscape?  I thought someone
>said Netscape was going away and only Mozilla would remain.  Isn't the
>current Mozilla effort leading up to 1.0 using Netscape source?

Mozilla is the open source development effort.

Netscape is AOL's packaged and branded and extended fork.

(some extensions good, many bad like friggin realplayer and winamp getting

As moz advances AOL repackage it and dump another netscape on the world.

the repackaging takes time, so netscape is always behind moz by several
version point numbers.

right now i'm using mozilla 1.0 RC2 under windows and I think it's a huge
leap forward in browsers generally.

does that help?

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