Needed: Scary patch tool

Stephen Rothwell sfr at
Thu May 16 23:33:32 EST 2002

On Thu, 16 May 2002 23:21:01 +1000 Michael Still <mikal at> wrote:
> I've already been using dirdif, which is cool (although I would like to
> see the whole files, not just the leading and trailing context). I was
> more after something which would help me apply portions of patch files --
> or am I not noticing a feature in dirdiff?

OK, first, you can up the number of lines of context on the options menu.

Next, in the difference window, you can select which lines to apply when
you merge the files.  Just click on the buttons on the left of the lines
you want applied to the new file and then use merge.

> Noted, I will try turning SMP off (I know not why it is on), and get back
> to you. APM also works out of the box on 2.4.17, so perhaps something
> changed with 2.4.18?

Lots changed in 2.4.18 ...  :-(

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