problem loading SCSI driver

Rodney Peters rpeters at
Thu May 16 15:04:59 EST 2002

On Wednesday 15 May 2002 23:26, Neil Muller wrote:
> The only info I can find for Tekram is for their DC390 not the DC315-U.
> Even though they claim Linux compatibility on their packaging, their web
> site doesn't confirm this and they don't provide any of their own
> drivers for it. I downloaded the drivers Tekram say are supposed to
> support the DC315-U on Linux but the files are labelled for for the
> DC390 and when compiled they have unresolved symbols, hence I guess the
> problems I'm having :-) .
I think that the DC390 uses a different chip.  DC315-U and the bootable 
variant, DC395 U use Tekram's own TRM 1040 chip.  The DC 395 "package" should 
be OK, if available from the Tekram web site.

I had some difficulties getting my DC 315 U working when I was using SuSE 7.0 
(kernel 2.2.16).  The driver was regarded as "beta" then and, was not in the 
menu driven installation pick lists, nor, if I recall correctly, in the 
kernel source tree or config file.  However, it was in the 
/lib/modules/kernel-version tree (hence could be used, provided you did not 
do a kernel recompile).

This has all changed with SuSE 7.2 (kernel 2.4.4).  The driver is now in the 
pick lists and I have re-installed from scratch several times without 
difficulty.  It also loads correctly after a kernel recompile.  Considering 
where RH 7.2 sits in the chronology, I would have expected the card to be 

Whilst I can't comment on the design merits of the DC315 U, I have found it 
good value - runs HDD, CD ROM & Burner reliably although it barfed at a SCSI 
scanner.  Whats more, it has auto-terminating active termination, which is 
difficult to find in a low cost card.  Main disadvantage is the need to run a 
DOS utility to configure host & target parameters.

Perhaps you need to verify whether the card is functional by booting from DOS 
and trying to run this utility.  It's also worth checking whether the driver 
is actually called dc395_trm.o in RH 7.2 - I think early versions were named 
more like trm1040.o


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