Portmaster or Equiv Where to buy?

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com.au
Wed May 15 22:07:08 EST 2002

On Wed, 15 May 2002, Neil Symons wrote:

> Do you guys know of a local company still selling Portmasters or can
> give me a suggestion to alternatives on the market and maybe would like
> to give me a suggestion to which would be the best.

I've been using some Digi RAS-8 cards in a Linux server for 2 years now.
They've been very reliable.  The ones I have are 8 x 56K modems and come
with Linux support.  They're a full length PCI card with 8 x RJ11's on the
back metal plate.  I think the same thing is available in just 8 port
serial without modems.  I use mgetty on the individual ports and do ppp or
ascii session.

I've never really loaded them but we typically have 5 or 6 concurrent ppp
users on a single card.

I bought them from T-Data in Sydney.

If its a strictly high RS232 port count you're after then I know you
can still buy an old "DEC 900TM 32 port Terminal Concentrator" but I forget
the company selling them now.

-- Brett

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