Daniel McNamara daniel at
Tue May 14 22:03:52 EST 2002

I too recieved that spam from not on only the mailing list but to a very 
old email address of mine that was only ever used on this list. I think 
a spam bot is spidering the CLUG web based list archives. The new spam 
bots are cunning little buggers.

Is there anyway to obscure those addresses on the web archives?

Just a thought.



Kim Holburn wrote:
> Now I'm sure the sudden influx of spam on this list has nothing to do 
> with the Gmane gateway.
> This list is setup so that only subscribers can email to the list isn't 
> it?  And that subscribers need to reply with a confirmation letter in 
> order to subscribe?  Inquiring minds ... etc. etc.
> Kim

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