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Hajia Maryam Abacha
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Kano - Nigeria
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Dear Friend,

May l briefly introduce myself to you. I am hajia
Maryam Abacha, the wife of the late Nigerian Head of
State, General Sani Abacha who died on the 8th of
June,1998. Ever since the death of my husband, my
family has been facing a lot of problems mostly with
the present Civilian Government. Consequently, my son
-Mohammed Abacha has been under torture in detention
for a sin he did not commit and made to  make a lot of
confessions as regards valuables, money inclusive that
of my late husband entrusted in his hand forsafe-keeping.

The latest is his confession on the US$700,000,000.00
(Seven Hundred Million United States Dollars) cash his
late father gave him for safe keeping. Please check
Newswatch Magazine of May 8th/15th, 2000 issue on
[Website:http://www.newswatchngr.com] to confirm the
above story. Also the recent publication by THISDAY
Newspaper on Thursday March 1st Edition, which London
Court clear ways for more recovering of Abacha’s
family looted money. Please confirm this issue on
website: http://www.thisdayonline.com, click the
Archive/2001/March 2001/Thursday March 1st. On these
note, I  deposited a total sum of US$40,300,000.00
(Fourty Million ,three hundred thousand United States
Dollars) sometimes march last year with a Security
company  abroad (name with held for now). Normally, we
(I and Mohammed Abacha) usually do such transaction,
by first sending the money out by Cargo to a security
company outside Nigeria, as photographic materials.
And thereafter go to the security company for claim
before transferring it to any bank of our choice.
Presently, l can not travel out of Nigeria, because,if
you have gone through the above mentioned website
address, you will see how My son’s confession have
implicated my husband and infact the whole of my
family. This has actually caused the Federal
Government of Nigeria to confiscate our international
passports, frozen every of my family member bank
accounts both home and abroad, even our properties.
My problem now is, l want someone that can assist me
to move the US$40,300,000.000 (Fourty Million ,three
hundred thousand United States Dollars) out from the
Security Company, before Mohammed will open up to the
Security Agents. To this regard l am soliciting for
your assistance to claim the boxes containing the
money from the Security Company and move the money to your country.
I shall be ready to negotiate with you any percentage
you might want from the sum. On your advise l shall be
ready to invest my own share of the sum in your
country. I assure you that there will be no problems
at all in the course of moving out the money
Please kindly contact me on my e-mail:
hajjamariam at yahoo.com, I shall so much appreciate your
immediate response for full details of the business
which shall be given to you by my second son Mallam
mustafa Abacha.You should note also that my son-Mallam
mustafa Abacha shall handle all cases as regards this
transaction; as he is well abreastwith this
transaction for I do not have access to telephone
lines now because they have been tossed by the
security agents,however i wish to speak on phone with you as the project progresses.

n acknowledgement of my proposal,i would want you to furnish me with your Telephone number,Fax number,and Address so as to enable ny son whom will be dealing with you directly to easily have you communicated as to how you will recieve this money on our behalf with risk free.

Thanking you in anticipation to your kind
understanding and cooperation.I am looking forward to a healthy business relationship with you and my entire household.

Hoping to hear from you.

Best Regards,

Hajia Maryam Abacha.	

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