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On 13/05/02, 10:12:45 AM, simon at (Simon Fowler) wrote regarding 
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> On Sun, May 12, 2002 at 11:54:49PM +0000, Simon Haddon wrote:
> > These Gmane emails are starting to piss me off.  I have never filtered
> > anything from the CLUG list before but I'm about to start.  Why am I
> > getting all this crap filing my inbox and could you stop posting replies
> > with your reply at the bottom of the text.
> >
> No! Put your reply text after the part of the email you're replying
> to, and trim anything you're not replying to! That's far and away
> the best format for an email reply.

I agree with what your saying (accept for the bit about the reply always 
at the bottom) I was just venting frustration at all these emails from 
Karun about the gnome list , etc, etc.  I wish we had not been put on in 
the first place.  

I sometimes find it quicker and easier with the new text at the top as 
long as it is in response to the whole email.  That way I don't have to 
wade through all the crap which I probably already know what it says 

Simon Haddon

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