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> Last I looked email addresses were not in the web archives.
> Also does this mean spammers who are not subscribed to this list can get
spam onto the list by posting news spam?
> At 05:56 PM 11/05/2002 +1000, Karun wrote:
> >Also it is possible to search through the webbased archives and view
> >email addresses which spammers can search through
> >Karun
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All messages sent to the list via the gmane news server, require an
authentication email to be replied to before the message is sent to the

I have copied details about posting messages using the gmane service below

Since Gmane makes it easy to get in touch with a huge number of mailing
lists, it could potentially become a spamming gateway. To inhibit that,
Gmane requires that users who post through Gmane authorize themselves.
Here's how it works.

  1.. The first time you post something to a newsgroup, Gmane spools the
message and sends you an email asking you to respond.

  2.. You press "reply" in your favourite mail reader, and Gmane registers
this authorization.

  3.. Every five minutes, a Gmane cron job goes through the spool of unsent
messages, and sends all messages that has received authorization.

  4.. No more than one message is sent per user per five minutes. If you
post more than one message per five minutes, the messages are spooled and
sent out later. No action is required from you.

  5.. If you authorize more than one new group per hour, the authorizations
are spooled, and handled one per hour. This is to discourage mass
authorizations of groups by diligent spammers.
Persons who are found to spam, after getting through all these difficulties,
will be barred from using the Gmane posting mechanism.
People who do not have valid email addresses in their From or Reply-To
headers can't use Gmane to post to mailing lists.

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