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Michael James michael at
Sat May 11 08:19:15 EST 2002

Dear Fellow Linuxers,

I've been setting up a new Suse 8 box at home.

Ah am mighty impressed.

Most of the problems I had were hardware,
 when it wouldn't build: it was the DVD reader,
 when it wouldn't connect to transact: I had the wrong cable plugged in.

First impressions:

 way faster than Suse 7.3 or Redhat 7.1

 good defaults

 good GUI setup tools (for window-clicking-idiots)

 good complete integrated collection of software,
  (most things work together and warn you when they won't)

 the easy path is surprisingly complete
  all the functionality you probably need, servers firewall etc.
  is available through GUIs and a little vi-ing.

 respectful GUI tools:
  (once you touch a config file yast doesn't overwrite it,
   it just puts its suggestions in <filename>.SuSEconfig)

One annoying gotcha,
 I couldn't get postfix to listen for mail
 it wouldn't bind to anything but the loopback interface.
Turns out I had to edit /etc/sysconfig/mail
 and set SMPD_LISTEN_REMOTE to "yes"

There is a heap of goodies in /etc/sysconfig/, pretty well commented,
 eg: most of the features I needed in a firewall are there.

Now the web server help system has just sprung into life.

Must read it, tomorrow...
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