Keen for a Linux server!

Steven Curren scurren at
Sat May 4 17:35:08 EST 2002

May I suggest e-smith/sme server. E-smith is a purpose built linux distro
based around red-hat and is specifically designed to serve up to windoz and
mac boxes - file and printer sharing. Also provides an intranet (apache),
DHCP, mail (qmail), FTP, proxy, ip masquerading for Internet sharing and
more right 'out of the box'. Very easy to configure via web based server
manager and with more effort not hard to have windows PDC, login scripts
etc. Although the Internet daild configuration on modem can easily result in
large phone bill unless carefully configured and monitored. I was new to
linux, with little linux experience, and found this very easy to install and
configure. Boot from CD-ROM and install completes within 45 mins (probably
close to 30 mins).

Definitely worth a look at and it's sister development site
with active bulletin boards at

It's the server for the masses!!!

I have the latest ISO and would be happy to burn copies if you want a trip
to Queanbeyan to pick them up or will bring to next CLUG meeting.


Steve Curren.

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