Choke routing with linux

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I have never gotten this to work under Linux. However, I did manage to
get it going under FreeBSD. The IPFW tool which comes standard with
FreeBSD lets you simulate latency, and slower speeds. The MAN page for
it describes how to simulate a Peer to Peer link to the moon :-)

- Nathan

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Hello all.

I have a need for a linux box which "chokes" whilst routing. By this I
mean that I want to allow a specifid amount of bandwidth through only
(say 56k). It would also be good if I could use the setup to introduce
latency as required.

This would be used for testing client server app behaviour over WANs, so
I need to be able to be slow, and have a high latency.

Does anyone have any hints?



Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+10hrs

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