XFree86 (rawhide) and mozilla

Simon Burton simonb at webone.com.au
Sat May 4 09:10:34 EST 2002

I can't find my mozilla mail ?! anywhere...
does anyone know where it is/might be hiding?
BTW, thanks to Peter van der Male for suggesting
sylpheed mail client; sounds wierd but it works great (=super fast)!

SImon Burton

Simon Haddon wrote:
> I think that Mozilla is nice enough to store your email in the standard 
> mbx format.  Just about any mail program should understand that.
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Original Message <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
> On 3/05/02, 9:47:51 AM, Simon Burton <simonb at webone.com.au> wrote regarding 
> XFree86 (rawhide) and mozilla:
>>just "upgraded" to
>>XFree86-4.2.0-6.62 (rawhide).
>>seems all my mozilla versions
>>are now horribly deformed. whoops. buttons missing/
>>widgets splidging badly etc. but works
>>if u know where to click...
>>all other X apps working fine.
>>tried to compile 0.99 from source,
>>(took about 12 hours and 1.2G) but
>>blows assertions when run (and beeps too).
>>any ideas? is there another progy
>>i can migrate my mail to?
>>Thanks all,
>>Simon Burton

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