Nemo's bash challenge for the day

Doug Palmer doug at
Sun Mar 31 21:06:36 EST 2002

On 2002.03.31 12:48 Michael Still wrote:

> > You do realise that if they were all exactly 10,000 that would be a
> definite
> > sign of non-randomness!
> Ummm, surely for an extremely large sample you would expect to see an
> equal frequency for all of the options?

IIRC, you should roughly expect a deviation on the order of the square 
root of the numbers in each category. This is for independent events, 
which you would hope random numbers to be.

In the sample numbers, that would be on the order of 100 for each count. 
So the results look suspiciously even. But you'd expect that from a 
pseudo-random number generator.

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