Gibraltar with TransACT

Rasjid Wilcox rasjidw at
Sat Mar 30 12:45:15 EST 2002

I'm looking to try out Gibraltar with my TransACT connection.  Has anyone 
done this yet?  Any quick pointers?

On Wed, 13 Feb 2002 11:03 am, Matthew Hawkins wrote:
> Reading the doco on Gibraltar, I think an excellent thing to do would be
> to add a web based interface to it.  It'd be real funny to build a
> better one than they ship with the commercial version ;-)
> Another neat thing to do would be to make it bootable from floppy, so
> systems without bootable cd-rom support could run Gibraltar.  Perhaps
> the quickest way would be to use one of those MS-DOS utilities for
> booting from cd-rom, and drop FreeDOS on a floppy and use that.  That
> would hopefully still leave enough room on the floppy for the config
> files that need to be there, and hence no disk swapping would be
> necessary.

You can easily get it to boot from a floppy, just by dumping 
/bootimg/cdboot.img onto a floppy.  However, there is no space left for the 
config files.

The easiest solution that I have found to get Gibraltar to automatically boot 
on a system without a bootable cd-rom is to give it two floppy drives.  One 
has the boot floppy, one has the config files.

I liked the suggestion given above, but I have not got it to work yet, and if 
I can find a space 3.25" drive for nicks, I may not get around to it.  ;-)


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