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Tue Mar 26 11:13:03 EST 2002

On Tue, 2002-03-26 at 09:45, Tom.Minchin at wrote:
> This time the auction will be done online - just be careful to take into account that you have to pay for delivery as well (even if you're in Canberra and would be able to pick it up - they only deliver).
> From: Marek Samoc [mailto:mjs111 at]

according to the web-page cited above:
* Pick up / Delivery and packing of all items sold at this auction is
the sole responsibilty of the purchaser.
* The pick up address is 25 Torrens St, Braddon ACT.
* Pick up times are Tuesday 9 April between 12 noon and 5pm, Wednesday
10 April between 8:30am & 5pm and Thursday 11 April between 8:30am & 1pm
only. A purchaser can not pick up until their invoice is paid in full.

(also, note that GST adds an extra 11%).

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