weird timing for emails

Tim Potter tpot at
Thu Mar 21 09:37:58 EST 2002

On Wed, Mar 20, 2002 at 06:46:54PM +1100, Rasjid Wilcox wrote:

> There are other lists I'm on where my posts turn up almost instantly, but 
> with CLUG it can sometimes be quite a while later (over half and hour).  I've 
> never really worried about it.  But if this happens with everyone, then 
> perhaps someone should bring it up with Tim Potter.

We've been playing with some of the backoff parameters with postfix on to try and tune it a bit more.  There is also not enough
process space on the machine to run enough mail delivery daemons to
push the mail through as fast as everyone would like.  Some of this
problem lies with the architecture of postfix but also the
machine is slightly underpowered for what we want to do.

Don't even get me started on mailman's handling of bounce messages.  (-:


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