weird timing for emails

nelson nelson at
Wed Mar 20 06:44:17 EST 2002

weird....i've been getting mine in order....dsl link via telstra...
the only thing i noticed was when ntt's au pop3 server was under trouble
but i believe that had something to do with them using netapp filers for
mailboxes and it died.

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~On Wed, 20 Mar 2002 12:39 pm, Richard Cottrill wrote:
~> I've been getting strange emails out of sync (like the first message in a
~> thread appearing 10 minutes after I've finished downloading the
~first one).
~> I suspected that it was just TPG running a dodgy email server (perish the
~> thought), but Rasjid alluded to email time problems and now this problem
~> has occurred in two threads and not on any other list I get through this
~> account.
~> Weird. Anyone else seeing this sort of thing?
~> Richard
~The time problem on my email was my end, but I have also been
~getting mails
~out of sync, and my mail does not go via TPG.  Currently WebOne is my ISP,
~and my mail goes via BigPond.
~There are other lists I'm on where my posts turn up almost instantly, but
~with CLUG it can sometimes be quite a while later (over half and
~hour).  I've
~never really worried about it.  But if this happens with everyone, then
~perhaps someone should bring it up with Tim Potter.

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