Colour maps summary

Jeremy jepri at
Wed Mar 20 16:05:20 EST 2002

>Jeremy wrote:
>> Thanks to all who responded, here are the results for those who may be
>> interested:
>> *Xnest won't run at a different colour depth to the host server
>> *vnc isn't quite the solution because I still need an xserver running
>> at different colour depth to play on
>Steve's answer to your second question - how to start another Xserver on a

>different VC is probably the simplest, but this comment about VNC is wrong.

>VNC is an Xserver (for X applications) - called Xvnc.

Ooops.  Sorry about that.  I thought it worked like the windows vnc server (attaches
to a running xserver and copies the picture).

Instead you are saying the server is effectively headless (doesn't display a
picture at all) and displaying the picture is the clients problem?

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