Dependancy issue the Lex / Yacc / Automake

Martin Schwenke martin at
Wed Mar 20 13:43:49 EST 2002

>>>>> "Mikal" == Michael Still <mikal at> writes:

    Mikal> I have a simple lex and yacc project I am trying to
    Mikal> Automakify. The looks like:

    Mikal> noinst_PROGRAMS = lexer
    Mikal> lexer_SOURCES = lexer.y lexer.l

    Mikal> When I build the code, it would seem that it goes straight
    Mikal> to a gcc ... -c lexer.c, instead of running lex and yacc
    Mikal> first.

It isn't something as simple as having a newer lexer.c than
lexer.{y,l}, is it?

peace & happiness,

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