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Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Wed Mar 20 09:30:36 EST 2002

Jeremy wrote:
> Thanks to all who responded, here are the results for those who may be
> interested:
> *Xnest won't run at a different colour depth to the host server
> *vnc isn't quite the solution because I still need an xserver running
> at different colour depth to play on

Steve's answer to your second question - how to start another Xserver on a
different VC is probably the simplest, but this comment about VNC is wrong.
VNC is an Xserver (for X applications) - called Xvnc.

Your application runs connected to the Xvnc server, which is simultaneously
an Xserver and the VNC server. It can have whatever colour depth you want.
It also remembers state of the X session. Xvnc, in turn, then serves out
the VNC stuff to whatever VNC client you want (even multiple VNC clients
simultaneously). Each VNC client (vncviewer, or xvncviewer is you are running
on a Debian box), runs on whatever bit depth it's local Xserver wants.

It does solve this problem elegantly and with minimum of fuss. Took me 15
minutes to make it happen the first time I ever looked into it. Now I use
it all the time for all my work - can take my desktop environment to any
machine I like without logging off and back on again - sweet.


Bob Edwards.

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