Colour maps summary

Jeremy jepri at
Wed Mar 20 01:20:46 EST 2002

Thanks to all who responded, here are the results for those who may be 

*Xnest won't run at a different colour depth to the host server
*vnc isn't quite the solution because I still need an xserver running 
at different colour depth to play on

The winner was Steven's short but to the point 'startx -- -depth 16 :1'

I did forget to mention that the game was ale-clone.  I went off and 
got the new version (freecraft) which just kept crashing on me.  I then 
grabbed egoboo, which insisted on running at .02 frame per second.  So 
much for my big night of Linux gaming.  Looks like we have a little way 
to go before Linux becomes the dominant games machine. :(

I agree that patching the game was the best choice (in this case 
getting the new version), but that xserver thing was something I had 
really wanted to know for some time now, so thanks all who responded.

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