squid & samba

Michael Smarsz Michael.Smarsz at transact.com.au
Tue Mar 19 14:11:02 EST 2002

	I have a question regarding connecting to an ftp site via a squid proxy on 
one of my clients. I can connect to most ftp sites no problems, but some ftp 
sites just don't work, i get a message saying theres a timeout (or similar,) 
thats using IE 5.5, but if i connect on the linux box, I can connect through 
the proxy without any problems.

Sounds just like what we are experiencing with Win2K.  From what I can make out, IE is "so clever" that i decides to handle ftp requests as a native windows request.

Despite the settings in IE to use your proxy, it won't use it (nothing in the access log, nor any TCP connections from Win to squid).

I've not come across any fix for this yet, I've also been wondering if it was just me that had really noticed it (or was affected by it).

I'm not sure if IE6 handles it any differently (read "better"), I'll try and do some testing.


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