squid & samba

Leigh Finch l_finch at austarnet.com.au
Mon Mar 18 21:14:29 EST 2002

g'day all,
	I have a question regarding connecting to an ftp site via a squid proxy on 
one of my clients. I can connect to most ftp sites no problems, but some ftp 
sites just don't work, i get a message saying theres a timeout (or similar,) 
thats using IE 5.5, but if i connect on the linux box, I can connect through 
the proxy without any problems.

I have configured squid to use an email address for ftp authorisation, and i 
have also got it using the ISP's nameserver for resolution. the particular 
site in question is ftp.epox.com

I can't see why it won't do it, but then I'm still relatively new to squid on 
a network.

The second question is one on samba, i figure there should be someone able to 
help me on this one.

I'm using the latest stable release 2.2.3a, I have windows 2000 client on my 
network, and it is configured with user level security in a workgroup, with 
the samba server as the authenticator, but wndows 2000 wants to change the 
password every 30 days, does anyone know how i can have windows change the 
localhost password, the samba password and the unix password, all in one hit, 
as I have users who are reasonably green to computers, particularly at POS.

Leigh Finch

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