Ssh forwarded port not contactable by windows

Michael Still mikal at
Wed Mar 13 13:16:23 EST 2002

Hey all.

A little configuration problem I am facing at the moment. Bear with me
whilst I explain it...

I have a laptop. Because of some unfortunate work requirements, the laptop
is currently booted into Windows 2000 server. I have my linux partition
running under vmware so I can still get to it.

The vmware machine is bridged to the network and works fine. This vmware
machine has a ssh -L port forward happening to my home machine.

The windows machine can telnet the vmware machine, and access the
webserver running on it, but not the port forwarded port...

Why? Are there firewalling rules on Redhat 7.1 I should know about? I have
checked ipchains, and there are no rules defined, and iptables isn't
installed. Are there any other gotchas I might have missed?



Michael Still (mikal at     UMT+11hrs

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