Linux Certification Choices, Pros & Cons

Daniel cottmain at
Mon Mar 11 20:05:56 EST 2002

Hello All,
I wonder if you can give me some information and opinions on Linux 
Certification in Australia please?

-Who runs Linux Certification Programs in Australia?
-Which do employers like to see on a job application?
-Which gives the most useful knowledge for the industry?
-What costs are involved?
-How do they differ from a provider point of view? [presume some course 
licensers supply course materials & require a fee per student which 
probably varies hugely and doesn't necessarily relate to course quality?]
-Which distributions should/do they cover so as to arm a student with 
adequate knowledge? An isp I know of has shifted everything to Debian and I 
wonder if this means that in an industry situation Debian knowledge would 
be essential?

I know it's a big question [I am living in Perth and hoping to persuade 
some locals to set up and run courses ... and hoping they'll be worthwhile 
[&economical] for a student.  I can't get any local objective information 
and anything you can give me would be greatly appreciated.  If I can't 
persuade them I might have to cross the Nullabour.


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