Bigpond Non-standard Dialup Authentication

Alex Satrapa grail at
Sun Mar 10 02:00:45 EST 2002

At 04:18  9/03/02 +1100, Drake Diedrich wrote:
>    This is what's in my chap-secrets on a BP Direct machine.  I've got a few
>BP dialup machines as well, but they aren't dialed up at the moment.
>Nothing unusual that I can think of, othher than not specifying the dialup
>hostname (the *), since that isn't known ahead of time.

Don't forget that for some systems (eg: Telstra Bigpond Broadband ADSL), 
you need to specify the user/system name as such:

"user at bigpond" * password *

The quotes are important.

Once again, server name and IP address are wildcarded, since we don't know 
what they will be ahead of time.


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