help dl all of

Simon Burton simonb at
Thu Mar 7 18:19:10 EST 2002

Jeremy wrote:

> Wget has full support for your needs.  From the man page (always a good read
> when you need help):

or maybe not.
i read this entry many times not understanding
what it was (or misunderstanding rather).
i think the DNS bit fooled me.
anyway, that's why we have CLUG.
Moreover, my version of wget (1.6)
doesn't seem to have --exclude-domains domain-list
which was the important option.

thanks for help.

> -D domain-list
>      --domains=domain-list
>          Set domains to be accepted and DNS looked-up, where
>          domain-list is a comma-separated list.  Note that it
>          does not turn on -H.  This option speeds things up, even
>          if only one host is spanned.
>      --exclude-domains domain-list
>          Exclude the domains given in a comma-separated domain-
>          list from DNS-lookup.

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