New Kernel Installation Problems & Thanks for my first CLUG

Chris Wallis walski at
Tue Mar 5 18:10:17 EST 2002

G'day there

I'm having problems with my new 2.4.18 kernel as when I go to boot it up it
just resets my box.. I tried 4 or 5 times to recompile it but it does the
same. I know I must be missing a part of the kernel that it needs. Just need
to know what it is... Any pointers by season professionals would be good

Btw i'm running Debian 2.3(testing) with a 2.2 kernel at the moment. I cant
remember what vintage what the 2.2 kernel is.

BTW I had great time last CLUG meeting. Meeting another Amiga junky was
really good. Hope to be coming more regularly and I found the talks to be
rather be inpowering for a wanta be devloper like myself. Oh thanks to as
well the 2 guys who showed me and my mate the old boxes near the exit.


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