Feb CLUG 28th

alfred alfred at mazuma.net.au
Fri Mar 1 21:52:41 EST 2002

Burn Alting wrote:

> and perhaps a 5th talk about Alfred's suggestion of a tool for 
> talks/knowledge base running somewhere ... perhaps we can thrash out some 
> ideas about this one and find a volunteer(s) to put it togther if we think 
> it's a good idea. Paul, perhaps you can moderate this one ... or perhaps 
> Alfred!
> No reason why we can't do more talks. In the very least I hope we get others 
> to think about casting off their shy demeanor and give talks at future 
> meetings.

Sorry I couldn't be at the meeting, I was out of town on business. Was 
there a general consensus about this "knowledge base" (/me dreams up 
some more catch phrases for it...). I am happy to cobble something 
together if there is a need/want for it :) The only concern I have is 
the privacy issue, people may not be happy with revealing this info on a 
public website. What is the consensus on this?

> Regards
> Burn

Alfred Reynolds
alfred at mazuma.net.au

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