Open Source GIS

Simon Haddon simon at
Fri Mar 1 13:49:29 EST 2002

Look into WMS.  This has recently been installed on the NLWRA server for 
ATLAS. but I can't say if any layers have been 
made public yet.

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On 1/03/02, 1:06:46 PM, Bob Edwards <Robert.Edwards at> wrote 
regarding Re: Open Source GIS:

> OK, here is the next big challenge:

> Several of us have sites that can host some GIS data. How can we set
> it up so that we can fuse data from different sites and also cache/
> mirror data from various sites?

> We have already had a bit of a look into this but didn't get so far
> on a solution. Has anything else come up yet?

> Cheers,

> Bob Edwards.

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