CLUG keyring map

Drake Diedrich dld at
Fri Mar 1 08:58:47 EST 2002

   Since sfr requested it: my current map of the CLUG keyring, with paths
out to a number of interesting keys, such as Werner Koch (gnupg), Linus,
Michael Elkins (mutt), prz (PGP), CERT, Linux Kernel Archives, Woz, and a
few security or prominent distribution keys.  If you're local and not
listed in local-keys (green on the map) send me your key-id and I'll add it
into my local list next time I generate a map.  If there are other keys
you're interested in seeing a path to, again let me know and I'll add it (a
list of key ids leading from you to the interesting key is also useful, and
can sometimes be found using

   PS available at: (21K)
   generating scripts: (4.5K)

   You'll need to download graphviz for the dot program that does the actual
layout and drawing, this just generates the input file for dot.

   Also included is the very similar used to make the Debian
trust map (also feeding graphviz), modified to highlight local keys in a
different color.  Prints in banner mode rather than poster-mode, and
unfortunately isn't generating output that gv can handle at the moment.
Doesn't do the path-finding that does, it just plots everything in
the keyring. plots all the interesting and local keys, and those
other keys necessary to create the shortest paths between them all.  Local
in green, other interesting keys in red, and very light grey for all other
necessary intermediate keys.

   Also in tarball: a modified (to highlight local keys again),
the program used to generate the Debian trustmap.  Main differences: sig2dot
tends to generate a banner-like layout, is rougly square.
only plots the local and interesting keys, and those keys necessary to
generate paths between them all. doesn't do any path finding, it
just plots all the specified keys (and currently generates a PS from my
keyring that gv cannot handle).

   To fully utilize you'll need to have a lot of key ids on your keyring - I
suggest you back up your existing keyring before importing a few hundred
more, in case you want to roll back.

(Simon: I'm still looking for wherever I put your fingerprint.  I should
have signed it sooner, but was in such a hurry to get all those non-local
keys at LCA)

   The map is, of course, Drake-centric, because it has to start somewhere,
and it's my map.  Feel free to set your own starting point in  :)


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