transact vpn- vapourware private network

Matthew Hawkins matt at
Sat Jun 29 18:16:30 EST 2002

Bob Edwards (Robert.Edwards at wrote:
> For people trying to make a decision to get TransACT based on the
> availability of the free p2p, it is quite difficult. Should they subscribe
> now to get the free installation (whilst it is available in their suburb)
> or wait until someone in TransACT gets a clue and makes the free p2p
> service work.

You'd think if they were having such technical difficulties they'd hire
some people who have done VPN connections before and have at least half
a clue about it.  I'd like to hope that employment contracts with ANU
for example wouldn't preclude clued network people from assisting, or
perhaps TransACT could approach local tertiary institutions with good
reputations to assist them.  Not quite sure how you'd architect such a
system but it sure sounds like an interesting assessable project.

Maybe I'm oversimplifying the problem but it sounds to me like they have
or will lose more money than it would have cost them to get people to
fix it.


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