transact vpn- vapourware private network

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Sat Jun 29 17:51:58 EST 2002

Simon Haddon wrote:
> Sheeze,  I'm just about to get TransACT as the savings on the phone lines
> alone are worth it. I get extra TV channels with it and I want to use the
> Internet broadband.  Are you guys saying that I'm better off forgetting
> it?

Depends what you want it for. The extra TV channels are not much of a
value add (unless you like kids cartoons etc.). You are going to pay
extra for the Internet broadband and it will likely be slower than
Telstra's ADSL service (which I believe can get up to 1.5Mbps downstream
on a good day).

I got TransACT because right from day one, when I attended a community
briefing at O'Connor Uniting Church some two years ago, TransACT were
promising free peer-peer connectivity, not as a value add, but as part
of the basic monthly plan (they didn't have pricing in those days, but
they still stated that the data connection plans would include free p2p).

At last November's CLUG meeting, over 100 of us heard them say that it
would be introduced by the end of the year (2001).

For people trying to make a decision to get TransACT based on the
availability of the free p2p, it is quite difficult. Should they subscribe
now to get the free installation (whilst it is available in their suburb)
or wait until someone in TransACT gets a clue and makes the free p2p
service work.


Bob Edwards.

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