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Michael Smarsz Michael.Smarsz at
Sat Jun 29 11:48:32 EST 2002

>I have been waiting since September last year (many on this list will
>remember that I organised for Robin Eckermann and others from TransACT
>to address CLUG, primarily on this very issue).

I recall, in fact, I was also present at that CLUG meeting.  I am simply
one of the workers with no real impact on direction.

>Some will remember that Michael Smarsz from TransACT wrote to this list
>only 2 weeks ago on this very subject. This gave me just enough
>to wait a little while longer. Note that in his e-mail (attached below)
>he specifically refers to a "free p2p network", but then later,
>to "TransCity" it becomes "The p2p network". Possibly TransACT are
>two p2p networks, a "free" one and "TransCity". Who can tell.

I can understand the confusion...  I will try and simplify it.

1 - The *free p2p network* is called TransCity.  All uploads/downloads
within this network have no cost.

2 - I've not heard of any of TransACTs products being called Citylink.
I presume that it is just a Chinese-whispers version of TransCity.

3 - There is a product that TransACT are trying to sell to cover the WAN
connections of businesses.  The product is /called/ TransVPN
(  Personally, I don't
believe that it is anything like a VPN and the VPN part of the name
should be changed to avoid confusion.  It is essentially a seperate
Virtual Router (or even VLAN if you will) for those customers.  From
what I can tell, it is to alleviate the risk of skiddies/haxors from
getting at these customers all the time.

Like I said previously, I have tried to get an official statement to
respond to all of this, but alas, all of our cries seem to fall on deaf
ears.  I will try again though.

There was a recent management mind-meld and according to a few,
TransCity was a hot topic.  The current person driving the project is
trying now to ride that wave of interest to get it pushed through.

The TransCity network has completed (from what I've been told at least)
it's proof of concept stage.  There will be some additional
content/services installed before it gets announced.

TransACT, until now, have been reluctant to dedicate equipment and
manhours to the TransCity project because it is not directly revenue
raising (yeah, I know, value add...  preaching to the converted here).

The network design has indeed hampered the way that TransCity was/is
implemented.  Early discussions with ISPs on our network proved that it
was to be an uphill battle to get it working.  In it's early days, it
won't be as "user-friendly" but there are already plans on what to do to
change that.

All of us who have worked on TransCity want to see it go live, it
couldn't be soon enough.

I will see what I can do.

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