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Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at
Fri Jun 28 17:39:54 EST 2002

Rob Shugg wrote:
> I just got off the phone to transact regarding VPNs or Citylink.
> The guy said it wont be available for at least 2 months and they are not
> sure what it will cost but that it wont be free, Apparently its "very
> complex" and still under development. In the mean time you can set it up
> with Webone. The trouble is this requires two webone accounts and I just
> want to set up one for my business and then share it between home offices
> though the vpn.
> At this stage i'm feeling a bit shafted by transact. they have promised this
> all allong and for free, thats the main reason i chose to go with them. I'm
> sure there are others on the list that will be cheesed off by this. any
> suggestions on a course of action.
> rob

I have been waiting since September last year (many on this list will
remember that I organised for Robin Eckermann and others from TransACT
to address CLUG, primarily on this very issue).

I have written (e-mail) advice from a TransACT account manager that they
will refund the TransWeb component of my subscription if they do not
provide the free peer-peer service in a timely fashion. I am almost ready
to call that in now.

Some will remember that Michael Smarsz from TransACT wrote to this list
only 2 weeks ago on this very subject. This gave me just enough confidence
to wait a little while longer. Note that in his e-mail (attached below)
he specifically refers to a "free p2p network", but then later, referring
to "TransCity" it becomes "The p2p network". Possibly TransACT are planning
two p2p networks, a "free" one and "TransCity". Who can tell.

If this keeps up much longer, I will be cancelling my TransACT service
upon it's 12 month anniversary (at which time I will no longer be under
obligation to repay anything for the free installation).


Bob Edwards.

Michael Smarsz wrote:
> All,
> I am attempting to get some form of an "official" response/update for
> these threads.
> I will say one thing though, the free p2p network that is being created
> will *not* be all run through a 1Mbps channel.  Currently, the
> connection will run at whatever the connection speed (be it 256/64 or
> 512/128 etc) you have subscribed at.  Servers in the back-end will be
> connected at whatever rate the provider has purchased (10/100/1000).
> We want to show off the /true/ ability of a broadband network, the way
> it should be.  It would be disastrous if we made you all wait this long
> for something so bad.
> The p2p network, called TransCity, is live and well on the customer
> network, we just haven't hit the launch button yet as we are trying to
> finalise some things.
> Michael

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