Unplug a Mouse & Loose it

Rodney Peters rpeters at pcug.org.au
Fri Jun 28 13:44:47 EST 2002

Michael James <michael at james.st> writes:

> Sometimes in the middle of a KDE login,
>  I plug Screen, keyboard and mouse into a different computer
>  and use/debug that one for a while.
> Then I want to go back to the original one.
> The monitor and keyboard put up with this,
>  plug them back in and start typing.
> The mouse does not, when I return the mouse is non-existant.
> True for both PS/2 connected mice and USB.

From what I've read, PS/2 is not meant to be hot-swapped. Certain OSes will
crash if you pull a PS/2 mouse out.

I haven't had any trouble with hot-swapping USB mice though. Perhaps switch to
a virtual terminal and back.

Damien Elmes

I've also found that mechanical switch boxes can lock up PS/2 mice.  Maybe OK 
if you change the switch position before powering on, but not when the PC is 
running.  At one stage the latter caused my mobo to not recognize any device 
on the PS/2 ports until I reset the CMOS to defaults.

Looks like the simplest solution is to buy plenty of mice.


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