rxvt + screen

Andreas Bauer baueran at in.tum.de
Thu Jun 27 18:22:34 EST 2002

On Thu, Jun 27, 2002 at 09:41:45AM +1000, Nemo - earth native wrote:
> > impossible scrolling back using Shift+Pg-Up when screen runs within rxvt.
> > I also tried screen within xterm and that worked like a charm...
> Curious. shift+pgup activates, by default, the terminals scrollback -
> which is independant of screen's scrollback. I live in screen all the
> time, and shift-pgup has never scrolled back my screen session,
> regardless of terminal. (maybe there is a screen config for this?)

I know it sounds odd, but it gets even weirder than this:  when I start
screen at a later point of time (ie when rxvt's buffer is already plenty
full) then scroll-back suddenly works...

> I always use ^A-[ in screen to enter copy mode, and then ^u abd ^d to
> scroll up and down a half-page at a time. esc-esc will quit copy mode
> and return you to where you were. 

Ah, thank you.  That indeed works, but it feels somewhat strange to me
having to enter "copy mode" before I can scroll around.  For now this
solution will do though.  :-)

So again, thanks for your help!


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