Linux PPC and ia32 FreeBSD development configs

Brad Hards bhards at
Tue Jun 25 20:26:48 EST 2002

G'day all,

I'm working on the zeroconf networking stuff some more, and I'd like to have a 
FreeBSD box to test it on. I'm thinking of dual booting my current scratch 
box to do this (after a little parted magic). I'm not sure I understand the 
FreeBSD devel philosphy though. Are development boxes supposed to be kept up 
to date using CVS (or CVSup)? Or is the normal approach to use individual 
tarballs when required?

Also, I've got a PPC (newworld iMac) that I'd like to get back into active 
service. I've traditionally used rpm based distros (RH and mandrake), and 
think that maybe a Debian box would be worth learning. However previous 
installations (YDL failed, and Linux PPC2000) have been pretty rough, and 
everything I've heard about Debian doesn't fill me with confidence. I've got 
plenty of ADSL bandwidth, I just need to get it started (then I can just use 
some apt-get magic, right?). If I bring the iMac in on Thursday, can someone 
knock it into shape?


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