suse 8 sendmail woes

Kim Holburn kim.holburn at
Tue Jun 25 19:30:57 EST 2002

At 3:45 PM +1000 2002/06/25, Pietro Abate wrote:
>I don't know about suse, but if you use MAIL_HUB instead of SMART_HOST
>everything should be fine. The other problem with your configuration is
>that you should put localhost in local-host-names (in /etc/mail) ...

Since sendmail is not listening it can never respond to a connection to localhost which is what it is trying to do.  Even if it was listening I can't think of a good outcome of sendmail trying to connect to localhost.  If it is not accepting the mail then localhost is not going to accept it either!

I don't want this machine to accept any mail or deliver any mail to itself so I don't want localhost anywhere. 

>hope it helps.
>On Tue, Jun 25, 2002 at 02:49:11PM +1000, Kim Holburn wrote:
>> I'm trying to configure sendmail 8.12.3/SuSE Linux 0.6 on suse 8.0.  I
>> have simple requirements which worked fine in suse 7+.  I want the
>> machine to not listen for mail and to forward everything to another
>> machine including local mail. 
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