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At 11:57 PM +1000 2002/06/24, Michael James wrote:
>Can anyone help me out here.
>I am using rand in perl.
>The book says it should get initialized (call srand) on the first invocation.
>Supposed to be true on any version 5.004 or after, and I'm using 5.6.1
>But my script just took the exact same random walk 3 times running,
> and I'm suspicious. I need runs to differ.

You could try the entropy gathering daemon egd :
It's written in perl and I think you can cpan it and maybe it doesn't need to compile anything (so you can use it with pre osx).

I seem to remember the cookbook had some examples of srand stuff but i think it might have depended on some unix stuff.

>Does perl initialize to the same seed each run?
>How can I make it get a different seed each run?
>The script is going to have to run under MacPerl
> so I don't want to to to unixy a thing and read /dev/urandom
>For now I'm calling srand with
> the process id raised to the number of seconds
> it took for the user to answer the starting questions.
>Any better ideas?
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