Installing extra Lan Card

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Fri Jun 21 07:59:59 EST 2002

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>I have installed another Lan card into my Linux machine.
>I am using manual IP addresses.
>eth0         =       (
>Win2000 =
>Laptop    =
>eth1        =

What you have done is give your machine 2 interfaces on the same segment/subnet.  The subnet mask of effectively means that all addresses from are on that interface (local subnet).

Am I correct in assuming that you have 2 nics and no hub/switch, instead you are using 2 crossover cables (one form eth0 to win2k, the other from eth1 to the laptop)? As below

  Linux Box
   e0   e1
    |    |
    |    |
 win2k  laptop

If that is the case, eth1 will need to have an address from a different subnet ( for instance) and so will the laptop (

Otherwise... you may be connecting as such

 Laptop    Win2k
   |         |
   |         |
   ----------- hub/switch
        | e0
        | e1

and you are using the linux box as a router/firewall.  As above, eth1 will need to have an address from a different subnet.  The laptop/win2k boxen think that the address is on that same segment and will not send the address out the gateway (eth0).

>Basically I don't know what I am doing so would appreciate some help.
>- I have configured 'eth1' using 'linux-conf' utility.

I hope I haven't added to your confusion... it makes sense in my mind ;)

>However I can't ping from anywhere (even on the linux machine).

More than likely due to the routing tables associating that subnet ( to the eth0 interface as it was probably brought up first.  Same as before, it is sending the request out the eth0 interface - check for activity lights when you ping.



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