New clug website?

Nemo - earth native nemo at
Thu Jun 20 09:45:00 EST 2002

On Wed, Jun 19, 2002 at 10:31:10PM +1000, Bob Edwards did utter:

> I have been playing with TWiki this last few days and have decided to adopt

It seems to be true that when you discover a wiki, it suddenly becomes
the hammer to fit every website question becomes a nail... ;)

I'm now up to 3 wiki's running - one for XDM themestuff (,
one for firetwirling group (, but it's not active yet), and
a personal one linked from my homepage. (URL in email headers). 

I've been using UseMod though, which I love for it's simplicity to
setup and use, though a quick look at twiki and it seems to have more
config/security stuff. 

Michael - from memory, usemod (and I imagine most other wiki's) can run
in embedded mode - call them from within another page, and they don't
generate their own headers, footers, etc. combine that with a general
editlock on the wiki, and you have a fairly easily editable (as admin)
website, with little to no need to make the wiki visible to the world :)

Personally, I love the idea of a wiki, but I'm still waiting for one
wiki system to truly rise above the rest. It hasn't happened yet IMHO :(


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