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Another alternative is ZWiki, a wiki clone built on top of Zope

  Highly templatable (ooh look a new word!)
  Possible to put all sorts of security controls in place
  Good support for "structured text" (plain text -> html markup).
  Zope database keeps modification history (not that I'd call it revision
control, more an extended undo).

  Fairly massive learning curve.
  Some programming required  for maximum benefit.

If you are interested I'd be happy to help with configuration/programming.

We use ZWiki for some hockey clubs we host (eg,
allows the club officials to maintain their own content,, and allows us to
control look and feel through CSS and templates.


PS Please excuse brain dead Lotus Notes mailer.  No alternative today.

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On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:

> I have been playing with TWiki this last few days and have decided to
> it as a documentation mechanism for the sys. admins. at Dept. of Computer
> Science at ANU. It just requires mod_perl installed and seems to run
> happily. It allows _anyone_ (or a limited number, if someone wants to
> administer user databases) to create and edit pages on the web site
> using just a browser.

Hmmmmm. Can you apply a template to the wiki pages so they are a little
less ugly? I guess I am concerned about random people changing pages... Is
there a change history of pages so you can revert to a known good version?
Also, is there a concept of moderated pages, where a change as to be
approved in email by someone?



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