New clug website?

Michael Still mikal at
Thu Jun 20 06:15:30 EST 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Joshua McKinney wrote:

> I just looked at the new site design, and I think the breaking up of
> pages is probably a bit extreme given the small amount of content.
> Perhaps having the map on a seperate page, and maybe the list of
> projects on its own page if it gets bigger would be nice.  Putting one
> or two lines of text for the other pages seems like a bit of a waste
> when that could be easily on the front page with no problems.

True. I was hoping that more content would appear rather quickly, for
instance I would like to see a set of mp3s on the meetings page which
cover good talks recently given*. The mailing list page should probably
have a link directly to the archive to save a few clicks, and things like

> Anyhoo off to avoid studying that same OpenGL exam :)

You should tell me the answers to the 1970's hardware stuff.


* I'm not sure if the guys will freak over the disc / bandwidth


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