New clug website?

Michael Still mikal at
Thu Jun 20 06:12:29 EST 2002

On Wed, 19 Jun 2002, Bob Edwards wrote:

> I have been playing with TWiki this last few days and have decided to adopt
> it as a documentation mechanism for the sys. admins. at Dept. of Computer
> Science at ANU. It just requires mod_perl installed and seems to run quite
> happily. It allows _anyone_ (or a limited number, if someone wants to
> administer user databases) to create and edit pages on the web site
> using just a browser.

Hmmmmm. Can you apply a template to the wiki pages so they are a little
less ugly? I guess I am concerned about random people changing pages... Is
there a change history of pages so you can revert to a known good version?
Also, is there a concept of moderated pages, where a change as to be
approved in email by someone?



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